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Innovative Pedagogies

Engaging Students Through Technology

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Digital Badges

I  used digital badges to track student progress through pre-class podcasts in my first year OB course. They didn't work quite as well as I would have liked as they didn't seem to matter to students, but they did help me identify a student who was completed disengaged and get him to come in to talk to me. He ended up withdrawing due to medical isssues. I would certainly give badges another try based on what I have learned since then.

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Online Peer Review

As part of the PechaKucha project students had to upload their presentations for peer review the week before the final deadline. I provided a few guiding questions and PebblePad software made this very easy for them to do and for me to review their reviews.

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In Winter 2019, I have begun experimenting with an online video app that allows everyone in my online Recruitment and Selection class talk to me or to each other via short video posts and responses. I am using it to post information and answer questions about various aspects of the course. Students are using it in small groups to hold weekly discussions of current Recruitment or Selection issues that they have read about or have experienced at work. Given the prevalance of video interviews, it is important that students become comfortable with recording themselves and colloborating in a virtual space.

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