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Student Testimonials

I was very honored to be awarded the 2016 - 2017 MSU Excellence in Teaching Award, as recognized by the students of the DeGroote School of Business. I am a finalist for the 2018-2019 Teaching Award (winners announced March 15, 2019).

Despite my concerns about the reliability and validity of student evaluations here is a list of my recent evaluations. The comments in the following section are more meaningful to me. 

    Median Score out of 10
COMMERCE 1BA3 - OB Fall 2017    8
COMMERCE 2BC3 - HRM Fall 2017    9
COMMERCE 2BC3 - HRM Fall 2018    8
COMMERCE 2BC3 - HRM Winter 2018    9
COMMERCE 3S03 - Fall 2017    9
COMMERCE 3S03 - MSD Winter 2017     9
COMMERCE 3S03 - MSD Winter 2017     10
COMMERCE 3S03 - MSD Winter 2017     9
COMMERCE 3S03 - MSD  Winter 2017    9
COMMERCE 3S03 - MSD Fall 2018    8
COMMERCE 3S03 - MSD Fall 2018    8
COMMERCE 3S03 - MSD Fall 2018    9
COMMERCE 3S03 - MSD Winter 2018     8
COMMERCE 3S03 - MSD Winter 2018     8
COMMERCE 3S03 - MSD Winter 2018     8
COMMERCE 3S03 - MSD Winter 2018     8
COMMERCE 4BB3 - R &S Spring 2017    10
COMMERCE 4BB3 - R & S Winter 2018    7
COMMERCE 4BL3 - H & S Fall 2018    10
COMMERCE 4BM3 - SHRP Winter 2017     9
COMMERCE 4BM3 - SHRP Fall 2018    10
COMMERCE 4BM3 - SHRP Winter 2018    8

Student Testimonials: Welcome

Selected Comments

The professor ensured that all content for the midterms was covered at 2 classes prior which allowed enough time to study all the content I liked that the questions were situation/application rather than definitions, I believe this demonstrated further understanding of students rather than memorization.
This instructor is great. Provides so many opportunities to get feedback and improve on grades and her lectures are enjoyable.
Dr. Tuer cares a lot about the success of her students if you go to her and show an effort to want to improve, and her lectures are valuable and useful.
The assignments were interesting and got me more interested in the job(s) that I was working on. Dr. Tuer herself was super nice and considering. She was genuinely concerned about students well being and tried her best to help students to get through the course with ease and stressfree using best studying practices
The professor was very clear with expectations and provided very useful study materials without giving questions away She was extremely approachable and helpful in office hours AND always willing to help after class
I loved how relevant the concepts in the course were - not just for future management and professional relationships - but also for personal relationships. It encouraged me to take a look at my strengths and weaknesses and who I am as a person and make changes in my life accordingly. This is one of the courses that I will remember for a very long time! Thank you!
the real life examples Professor Tuer gave were always so interesting! -Professor Tuer delivered the course content in a way that was easy to understand and follow along with
I enjoyed the projects where we were forced to objectively look at ourselves in order to grow as people. Also, the passion you have is like no other professor and I makes a tired student have fun!
- Professor Tuer is amazing, she is very knowledgeable and well-spoken in her field and on the topics covered in this course. One of the best professors at McMaster. - The course was very well structured, coursework was very fair and manageable and evaluations were fair for the topics covered
1. The prof was absolutely amazing and so engaging 2. The content was very interesting and well explained
. The prof - Tuer went out of her way to make sure the course information was conveyed in the best manner possible. - Went above and beyond to make class interesting and incorporated examples that were fun and enhanced my learning 2. The material - i found the material to be very interesting - cases and assignments were relevant and I did not feel they were just a waste of time
Really enjoyed in-class discussions and exercises, please do more! They really opened my eyes to how multidimensional HR problems are and were very good food for thought Appreciated how conversational Frances is during lecture, class was much more enjoyable than others since it felt like we weren't being lectured at but lectured to

Student Testimonials: About Me
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