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Teaching Experience: Courses

First Year Courses

I began my academic career in 2000 by developing and teaching a course in Business Case Analysis, Reports, and Presentations. Since then I've also taught first year introductory business courses, first year Organizational Behaviour, and First Year seminar courses including "Differences between Canada and the USA" and "The Culture of Ice Hockey".

Second Year Courses

In addition to teaching first year courses I have also taught second year Principles of Management in the USA, and am a regular instructor of Strategic Human Resource Management,   a required introduction to Human Resource Management at McMaster University

Third Year Courses

In the last few years, one of my primary responsbilities has been teaching a required third year course for Commerce students at McMaster University "Management Skills Development". In 2015, my colleague Carolyn Capretta and I completely overhauled this course reducing the overlap with the prerequisite Organizational Behavour and Human Resource Management courses and providing students with a unique experience that includes extensive self-assessment and peer coaching.

Fourth Year Courses

I'm hard pressed to decide which I like teaching more - first year or fourth year courses. However, it is nice having small groups of students who have chosen the elective courses that I'm teaching. I started with International Human Resource Management at Brock University and more recently have taught Recruitment and Selection, Strategic HR Planning, and Occupational Health and Safety electives at McMaster University. In 2016 I created an online version of Recruitment and Selection that has proven to be extremely popular with students.

MBA Level Courses

While I love teaching undergraduates I have also had the opportunity to teach Business Case Analysis to International MBA students at Brock University and Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management courses at the MBA Level at McMaster University.

Teaching Positions

September 2013 - July 2019

Assistant Professor
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON

After receiving my Ph.D. in 2013, I obtained a contract-limited position at the DeGroote School of Business in the Human Resource and Management area. 
Courses taught at DeGroote since then include Organizational Behaviour, Strategic Human Resource Management, Management Skills Development, Recruitment and Selection, Strategic HR Planning, and Occupational Health and Safety.

August 2009 - May 2012

Assistant Professor
Caroll University
Waukesha, WI, USA

Taking this position in  a small  Department of Business allowed me to experience the teaching culture of a small liberal arts university in Midwest America. Courses taught at Caroll University included Principles of Management, Organizational Behaviour, and two First Year Seminars:  "Differences between Canada and the USA" and "The Culture of Ice Hockey".

September 2000 - July 2007

Brock University
St. Catherines, ON

Brock University gave me my first teaching opportunity by hiring me to design and deliver a first year undergraduate course in Business Case Analysis, Reports, and Presentations, which I later taught to International MBA students. In addition to the first year course, I also taught Introduction to Business for BBA students and a corresponding course for non-business majors, plus a fourth year elective course in International Human Resource Management.

Teaching Experience: CV
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